• Featured Limited Edition Chocolate Bars Made for June 2018 Subscribers

June 14, 2018

As usual, our monthly chocolate subscription boxes feature an assortment of limited edition bars made exclusively for subscribers. The boxes for June 2018 will feature a wonderful assortment of crispy, crunchy inclusion bars designed to delight the senses. All subscription levels will receive both of the limited edition bars below, plus one or more additional bars from our list of award winners & best sellers. As always, our chocolate subscription boxes include free shipping nationwide.

chocolate subscription box - limited edition quinoa crispies and caramelized coconut mylk and sugar

Limited Edition: Caramelized Coconut Mylk & Quinoa Crispies

This lovely little limited edition chocolate bar is made with caramelized coconut mylk and toasted quinoa crispies. The ultra smooth single origin chocolate we use to craft this bar comes from Oko Caribe in the Dominican Republic, and has wonderful overtones of toasted marshmallow fluff. When paired with the crispy, crunchy morsels of puffed quinoa from our friends at I Heart Keenwah, we officially have a match made in heaven.

Limited Edition: Mojito Mint Crunch

To craft this bar, we used cacao from the Arhuacos in Colombia, which has a unique "brightness" of flavor that goes perfectly with spearmint, cacao nibs, and a dusting of fresh lightly caramelized coconut sugar crystals scattered across the back of the bar. The flavor profile is exceedingly crisp and refreshing, just like the chilled summer cocktail that inspired this unique creation. 

What else is in the box

All Joy subscribers ($22.50/month including shipping) will receive the two limited edition bars above made exclusively for subscribers, plus our infamous Dark & Salty bar with heirloom cacao nibs and Peruvian pink salt. Euphoria subscribers ($45/month including shipping) will also receive a Coconut Dream bar, and Transcendence subscribers ($90/month including shipping) will receive all of the above plus a very special limited edition Rustic Mocha bar with coffee, cardamom, & date palm sugar. 

purchase vegan craft chocolate subscription made with coconut milk

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