Organic Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar Madagascar • 80%

In terms of uniqueness and complexity, this single origin dark chocolate bar featuring cacao from Madagascar makes an incredible statement. A stunning example of pure Criollo cacao, this bar boasts a subtle red hue and a lovely, higher than average concentration of cocoa butter. The smooth texture of this bar is complemented by powerful symphony of flavors, including notes of kumquat, white grape, and raspberry. This bar demands attention and is guaranteed to get it, time and time again.

Ingredients: Cacao*, Coconut Sugar*
*organic ingredient

All of our organic, milk free dark chocolate bars are crafted with care & integrity in Oakland, California using ethically traded, unroasted heirloom cacao, coconut mylk, and coconut sugar (a low-glycemic whole food sweetener). We are committed to making pure, wholesome chocolate with real ingredients, which means every bar we produce is approved for vegan, paleo, and/or whole foods diets. All of our chocolate bars are dairy free, soy free, gluten free, agave free, GMO free, and never contain refined sugar. Additionally, we strive to make the earth a better place one chocolate bar at a time, and are committed to utilizing plant-based biofilms, vegetable-based inks, and compostable/recyclable materials for 100% of our packaging.


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