100% Ceremonial Cacao | Single Origin • Arhuacos, Colombia

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Arhuacos • Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Learn more about this origin on our #slowchocolate blog

The new origin of cacao we are using to craft our unsweetened ceremonial cacao comes from the Arhuacos indigenous community of Colombia. The Arhuaco people believe that the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range that they call home is heart of the world, and that the well being of the planet depends on its stability. The Arhuaco and their neighboring tribes call themselves the Elder Brother, and refer to those of us living in modern western culture as ‘younger brothers’. As our Elder Brothers, they believe it is their responsibility to maintain the balance and harmony of the universe by making offerings & prayers to the earth, in order to give back what we extract from it. They pray for the planet and for us, their younger brothers, every day. To learn more about the Arhuacos, take a look at our recent #slowchocolate writeup about them and their amazing cacao, and check out "The Worldwide Web of Belief and Ritual" - a TED Talk given by Wade Davis, PhD.

A recipe for preparing ceremonial drinking chocolate is included on each bag. Please understand that this is 100% cacao delivered in 1" wide flat discs that are perfect for snacking or beverage making. This is not a highly processed powder, and not sweetened in any way.


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