Build Your Own Custom Gift n' Sampling Set

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Know what you like? Know what your gift recipient likes?

Select your own assortment of chocolate bars and pair it with one of the "wrapping" options from the drop down menu above. We'll pack everything up together neatly to make opening your gift extra special for the lucky recipient

To be crystal clear: this page is for gift "wrapping" ONLY - you'll still need to pick out the chocolate bars you desire to fill the option you choose from the menu above. If you'd like a gift set that features a pre-selected assortment of our award winners and fan favorites, check out the other options on our gifts & gear page. 

Shopping for a big list? No sweat - add as many drawstring bags and wooden boxes as you need. We'll ship them to you with all the chocolate bars you choose to pack up and hand off to the individuals on your list.

Shopping for corporate gifts, or more than 15 people? Send us an email with how much you'd like to spend per person and let us know whether you'd like us to ship to one mailing address or to everyone on your list individually, and we'll get back to you with a quote in less than 24 hours. 


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