Ritual Drinking Chocolate

The cacao we use for our organic drinking chocolate is organically grown using sustainable agroforestry principles in the heart of Ecuadorian Amazonia and the elevated Andean jungles. Biodiverse plots with multiple food & hardwood crops are monitored by a team of over 450 wild harvesters and fed naturally by unadulterated mineral-rich spring water. We exclusively trade in a rare heirloom strain of cacao referred to as Arriba Nacional, a fine-flavor heritage bean prized for its smooth & luscious flavor profile. Additionally, we choose to work with the inherent flavor and antioxidant profile of this prized origin, never roasting or heating our products above the temperatures that occur naturally during the fermentation process that the beans go through post-harvest. As such, the cacao that we use to make our chocolate is more dense in nutrients, enzymes, and flavor than most you will find today. Along every step of the way, our cacao is diligently cared for and kept to the highest standards of cleanliness, with organoleptic, physio-chemical, and microbial quality control exams conducted on a regular basis. 

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